“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

- Benjamin Franklin


Wills, estates and estate planning

While the matters of wills, estates and estate planning should ideally be addressed by all persons, it is often difficult to balance businesses and wealth with personal life and its often unique circumstances. We endeavour to guide our clients in Johannesburg through these intricately inter-woven aspects of their lives in order to meet their current and future needs and desires to provide for future generations. This often necessitates flexibility and a compassionate understanding of clients’ needs and concerns. We help navigate our clients through these complexities and offer unique solutions.

We help manage emotions and assist families and individuals in the administration and winding-up of their estates when the inevitable has come to pass.


Our expertise in wills, estates and estate planning covers:

  • Drafting of wills
  • Administration of trusts
  • Administration of deceased estates
  • Notarial services, including antenuptial contracts and document authentication
  • Estate planning
  • Analysis of wealth portfolios
  • Efficient and practical methods for disposal or transfer of assets
Mitchell Morrison

Mitchell Morrison


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Kyle Venter

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Ursula Buhrlen


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