“A well-constructed trust is an effective solution for protecting your assets for the benefit of others in the future.”

Mitchell Morrison

Trusts designed for effective asset protection

Fullard Mayer Morrison is a law firm in Johannesburg that offers expert services in the drawing up and management of trusts. A trust is one of the most secure ways to protect your assets and ensure that your wealth is preserved for future generations. The tax treatment of trusts is continually changing and there are a number of tax issues to be considered. A trust is still an efficient and flexible way to ensure that your assets are preserved in your beneficiaries’ best interests. We handle all types of trusts (will trusts, inter vivos trusts, flexi trusts and trading trusts).


We offer a range of trust services and advice including:

  • The formation of different types of trusts
  • Practical advice and consulting services to private and corporate clients
  • Estate planning through the use of trusts
  • Administration of trusts
Mitchell Morrison

Mitchell Morrison