“The field of Labour Law may appear to be layperson — friendly. In our experience this is deceptive.”

- Richard Mayer

Labour law and employment law services

The field of labour law and employment law is one of the niche areas of practice of Fullard Mayer Morrison, established lawyers in Johannesburg. While the automatic right to legal representation is excluded in certain categories of unfair dismissal disputes in the CCMA, even the most apparently straightforward labour dispute can present unexpectedly complex issues. CCMA awards and Labour Court judgments are littered with examples of the pitfalls of attempting to handle labour disputes without expert and experienced legal advice. Legal representation is, however, automatically allowed in the Labour Court and, inter alia, with regard to constructive dismissal and individual retrenchment disputes in the CCMA.


We provide a wide range of services in the field of labour law and employment law, including:

  • Ensuring employers’ compliance with a fair dismissal in terms of the Labour Relations Act
  • Advising employers on individual or mass retrenchments
  • Review applications in the Labour Court of Awards in the CCMA and Bargaining Councils
  • Chairing of disciplinary, performance and incapacity enquiries
  • Acting for senior employees who have been unfairly dismissed or face unfair treatment or possible retrenchment in the course of their employment
  • The negotiation of favourable separation packages for directors and senior employees
  • Audits and assisting employers regarding compliance with Labour Legislation in employment policies, grievance procedures, disciplinary codes and contracts of employment
  • The interdicting of unprotected strikes and unlawful conduct surrounding protected strikes
  • Negotiating exemption from or the imposition of restraint of trade agreements
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