“The protection of one’s intellectual property is often overlooked, resulting in a loss of a person’s intellectual or creative efforts.”

- Mitchell Morrison

Intellectual property law services

At Fullard Mayer Morrison we offer intellectual property law services to a range of clients in Johannesburg and throughout South Africa. We advise on modes of protecting one’s intellectual property including trademarks, copyrights, designs and common law forms of intellectual property, including confidential information, trade secrets and proprietary know-how. We are also cognisant of the changes in technology and the need to protect “online” or internet-based assets, including domains and the risks inherent in online technology and architecture. We also appreciate the inherent risks for clients developing and promoting cloud-based solutions. Wherever necessary, we consult with technology experts to try and match these technologies with our ever-changing legislation associated with the protection of intellectual property.


Our intellectual property law services include:

  • Trademark registration, including the registration of marks in foreign jurisdictions
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Licensing of intellectual property agreements
  • The drafting and negotiating of all types of IP licences
  • Continuous monitoring of potential infringement
  • Analysis of protectable interests
  • Trademark and other intellectual property assignments
  • Enforcement of trademark rights
  • Domain registrations
  • Franchising
Mitchell Morrison

Mitchell Morrison